It pisses me off that Apple users are so damn fascinated about Android phones and smart cases, especially if you call yourself tech savvy.

I should be working on my extended essay, but blew off thirty minutes of work though Tumblr. Damnit.

This just hit me, but battery sizes are just like bra sizes… Best analogy for guys to understand bras.

I thought I had deleted all the photos of my shit ass skin condition, but I guess not. This is a photo of the peeling skin about a month ago. It was all around my mouth, nose, and temple areas. So bad that it was revealing a new layer of skin underneath, even rupturing the skin as flaked off. It took about two weeks to get the major peeling away. Now I’m still suffering from mild dry skin around my nose and on my temples. I have crazy hyper- and hypo/ pigmentation. It’s going to take couple of months before my skin completely returns to normal. Yeah. I’m just…I don’t know. Sorry for any grammar or spelling errors, I’m half asleep (so yeah).

The few things I learned from high school: how stupid I am, how worthless I am, and how pessimistic I have become.

Every time I look at my face I begin to hate it more and more.

I though I would never come to say this, but I don’t have enough EXO on my dash. KREASEEEEEEEEE.





i stan these people… omg



proof i dont stan them for looks lol


f(x) - Airplane from Pink Tape

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No one is right or wrong. They are both. Right in their own eyes, based of their culture and personal observations. Wrong in the eyes of others who disagree with their opinion, based of their culture and personal observations. We are all judged based of of others’ ideology, but no one is truly right or wrong. Everyone justifies themselves based on what they know. It’s a never ending cycle, even that cycle muddy.

The Internet. It’s become a place for expressing your opinions. Your opinion can be about anything. Now you may have people reading it, these people might not be your target audience.

It could have triggered a certain emotion.

They might have had recall to a traumatic incident of the past.

But by no means what you say has to please to warn every damn person in the whole world. If that was the case, then everyone would be stripped from talking. Anything they say could be a trigger or cause strong distaste in your opinion. We would then have a silent world where no one would speak. Everyone would be isolated from each other just to please the other person.

Common sense comes into this as well. I’ve always been told to stop what ever action I’m doing if I feel uncomfortable. For example: if I’m reading a book about involving Oedipus complex that makes me feel uneasy, I’ll stop reading it. That would prevent me from any further discomfort. Was there a warning in the book? No. I used my own judgement to decide if I should continue reading it or not. That book wasn’t written to please every single person in the world, nor was there a warning. Using simple common sense helped me in that scenario.

Today, I don’t expect you to please everyone with what you write. I do expect myself to practice using common sense to avoid any discomfort. You should also expect yourself to do the same, that’s for your own well being.

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